Liathroid Laimhe.

Adult County Championships. The adult county championships are starting next week in all grades, we will be hosting games on the 19th, 20th, & 30th of this month and the 14th of February so be mind full when booking the alley for games, so please ensure all games are fulfilled and if an issue arises before hand please contact the county secretary John Treanor.
Ulster Championships. We will be hosting Ulster games on January the 28th at 2, 3 & 4pm, and on February the 5th at 2 & 3pm, so if you want to see the next rising stars in the game come down and watch them in action, other games as in semi-finals and finals may follow in the coming weeks.
Adult Club League. The Mono Team is going well and apart from a few unavoidable times all games are being played up to date so please keep it going.
Club Juveniles. Juveniles coaching is on going, U10-U12 Boys Monday evenings 6:30-7:30pm, note change of time for the boys!!!, U10-U13 Girls Wednesday evenings 7-8pm, U14-U16 Girls Thursday evenings 6-7pm, U13-U15 boys have be broken up into 2 groups on Thursdayevenings from 7-8pm and 8-9pm, Beginners are still on Friday evenings for boys & girls 7pm-7:45pm, coaches will be setting up leagues for most of the experienced players over the next few weeks.
GAA League. The GAA league is still on going, alley’s may be needed on some Wednesday evenings from 7:30pm.
SilverHill Final. The 2015 Silverhill final that was fixed for Friday evening past was cancelled as Fergal had a slight injury so it is now fixed for this Friday the 20th (tomorrow evening) @ 8:30pm, good luck.
Table Quiz. We have our annual table quiz booked for Friday night the 24th of February @ 9pm up stairs in the complex, we will be advertising more over the next few weeks to get the word out, so keep your eye on all the news and local events to be sharp on the night!!!!!!.